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BuzNet: Real-Time Locating System

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Simple Indoor Positioning:


The BuzNet Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) is a positioning system by Buzby Networks that reliably locates people and assets where GPS does not: indoors and in other local environments.  It has asimple architecture that is easy to deploy (and re-deploy) quickly.

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BuzNet RTLS consists of three basic components: (1) BuzNet Routers; (2) BuzNet Tags; and (3) BuzNet Base Station.  The BuzNet Routers are installed throughout a facility according to simple installation guidelines.  Their positions are configured in the BuzNet Base Station.  BuzNet Tags are mobile devices attached to people and/or things that need to be tracked.  Finally, the BuzNet Base Station collects all the information and pushes locations of devices to graphical user interface (GUI) software, databases, BuzView LVA, and/or more.

Simple Installation With Flexibility:


The patented technology and algorithms behind BuzNet RTLS enable its rapid deployment.  The system and its location-tracking algorithm self-configures at initialization and continually re-configures throughout operation to maximize accuracy and reliability.


The simplicity of BuzNet RTLS gives it the flexibility to be deployed in numerous environments for numerous applications.  Buzby Works has deployed systems in environments ranging from office building, industrial machine shop, and even retail settings.


Contact us to find out what's possible.


BuzNet, Buzby, Buzby Works, RTLS, IOT, M2M, WSN, BuzNet RTLS
Temporary, No Capex Installation Options:


BuzNet RTLS can be great for long-term use cases where a locaiton system is good to have access to 24/7.


However, something truly unique about BuzNet RTLS is that it can be quickly deployed for rapid location data studies without requiring a capital expenditure.  This is because it is so easy to install, uninstall, and transport.


We can work to understand challenges your business is facing where location tracking data studies may help.  We will track the location of any people and/or assets in your business operation's facility(s) with BuzNet RTLS.  During and after the tracking, our location experts study collected location data with BuzView LVA.  Combining findings from software with our expertise, we can then provide you withmeaningful and actionable information that will help you improve your operation.

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