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BuzView: Location Visual Analytics (LVA)

Visualizing and Analyzing Big Location Data:


Positioning systems like BuzCloud CPS, generate a lot of data. For example, when Buzby Works studies a grocery store, it may collect over 10 million locations on over 10 thousand shoppers in just a few weeks!


BuzView LVA is an interactive, visually-guided, and web-based software platform that converts massive, complex datasets of historical location data into valuable and actionable information.


Complete with customizable regions and dynamic filters, a visual location map with various data layers provides the basis of BuzView LVA.  From there, the application allows users to efficiently explore large datasets of location data and capture visuals, numbers, and plots that help derive value.

Screenshot of BuzView LVA running a location data set collected from shoppers in a grocery store.

BuzView LVA allows users to explore data by combining their own cognitive capabilities with visual analytics tools & algorithms. With BuzView LVA, users can ask & quickly answer questions such as:

  • On a typical Monday, how many people pass through an area; and, how long do they spend there?

  • If someone is in one area, what is the probability they'll next move to each surrounding area?

  • What is the most likely place to find a particular class of assets or people from 12PM to 3PM?

  • How densely packed with assets or people are particular regions at various times?

  • ...and infinitely more...


Why We Need BuzView LVA:


Location datasets can be massive! It's impossible for the human mind to effecitvely interperet and leverage a dataset of millions of locations without the proper tool.


Yet, while software algorithms can indeed interpret and present such data, a computer won't always find items of unexpected interest the way a human might.


BuzView LVA combines the best of both worlds, giving humans a powerful visual software tool to explore valuable trends hidden in massive datasets. BuzView LVA's effective and simple visuals also quickly enable a user to easily communicate findings.

What Makes BuzView LVA Special:


BuzView LVA is highly accessible, flexible, and powerful. For a full list of features, please contact us to learn more or even to request a demo. Some of the key features that make it so special include:


  • Visually-Guided Data Exploration: The BuzView LVA interface presents massive location datasets in interactive, visual form allowing users to explore data and seek, identify, and analyze trends.

  • Map Layers: The primary visual in BuzView LVA is an interactive floor plan map dispalying location trends. This map has numerous user-friendly layers (such as heat maps, path traces, vector fields and more) that can easily be enabled, disabled, and stacked as desired.

  • Customizable Exploration: BuzView LVA enables the user with a number of tools to highly customize the data exploration experience.

  • Cloud & Browser-Based: BuzView LVA runs in the cloud and is accessible by any web browser. You can simply log into our secure web portal with your unique login credentials.

  • Flexible Data Storage: Your location data can be stored on our cloud, on your cloud, or on a local machine to suit your security preferences and accessibily needs.

  • Touch or Mouse/Keyboard Controls: The BuzView LVA interface is designed to be convenient for both touchscreen and mouse/keyboard users.

  • Universal: BuzView LVA platform will process any historical location data. We recommend using BuzNet RTLS as the tool for collecting data, but we're happy to visualize & analyze any data you have.


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